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Sexy Lingerie Parties Information

by admin on May.09, 2011, under Adult Parties, Sex Toy Parties

Hosting sexy lingerie parties is a great way to have fun and get some new sexy attire for the bedroom. Lingerie parties are becoming popular among all walks of life, and aren’t just for strippers and swingers. If you are interested in having a party that is both fun and steamy, here are a few pointers.

Find a Hostess

Most lingerie parties are hosted by someone who works for a party company, ideally they will be outgoing and be able to engage people in swingers talk, it also helps if they are sexy . If you can find one locally you won’t need to pay the money up front to order everything. Typically you will also get some kind of free gift or credit for allowing them to have the party at your place. You can look in the phone book or a local paper for adult themed parties. Some are called Passion Parties, and some are just listed as Adult or Lingerie parties.


When you send the invites out be sure you are clear about the type of party you are having. You don’t want guests showing up unprepared and uncomfortable. Plus if people know ahead of time they are more likely to bring their checkbooks. Some women will be comfortable modeling the lingerie for fun, and others won’t, so just allow the people who show up to do whatever makes them comfortable.

Party Favours

You want to incorporate some fun games in to the event. This is going to make it feel more like a party and it will be more enjoyable for everyone. The games don’t have to be intense, just some simple and fun games. You should also have finger foods and beverages available.

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Types of Adult Toys To Spice Up Your Bedroom Activities

by admin on Jan.07, 2011, under General, Sex Toy Parties

There are plenty of toys that can be easily incorporated in the bedroom to spice up the activities. You don’t have to get anything frightening or bizarre, and you can find toys for people of all comfort levels. Here are just a few types of toys that are popular and fun for intimate use.


A vibrator will provide enjoyment for both men and women. You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes, and even find small pocket sized vibrators for those that are new to toys.  A vibrator is a tame and mild toy that doesn’t have to be intimidating, and they can be used on both sexes and still provide pleasure.

Anal toys

Small anal beads or plugs can provide intense pleasure for both men and women. When used correctly they aren’t painful. The idea of anal play does scare a lot of people, so you could start with a small fingertip massager. This will open both parties up to the idea and make it more comfortable.

Blindfolds and Games

If you aren’t looking to add anything serious to the bedroom activity, a sexy adult game, such as dice, can be the extra spice you need. Adding some blindfolds in can be another way to intensify sex without getting too heavily involved in toys. These games and light BDSM gear like blindfolds can be found at any adult store or ordered online.

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