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Hosting Adult Parties Advice

by admin on Jun.10, 2011, under Adult Parties

Hosting adult parties can be great fun. It will provide a place for consenting, open minded adults to get together and play in a safe environment. Being the host will require some extra work on your part, but the end result will be a great party. Here are a few things to consider.

Plan the Layout

If you want to allow adult activities in some areas, and have safe clothing required areas in others, you need to have these clearly marked. Also think of the comfort of the guests. The playrooms should be close to restrooms to allow for easy clean up. It’s also a good idea to have a designated smoking area for those who smoke. If you don’t allow smoking inside, clearly state this before the party. Create a comfortable place outside that is private for those who want to step out.

Cover Amenities

It’s a good idea to have clean towels and washcloths in every room. In the playrooms it’s also a good idea to have a sampling of lubes and condoms available. A hamper placed just at the doors will allow your guests a place to drop towels and robes after they’ve been used. Consider having a small basket in the bathrooms with small sample sized soaps and lotions for use in and after showers.


Parking is an often overlooked issue with adult parties. You need to be sure you have enough room for several cars. If the parking must be on the street, let guests know this beforehand. This way they can show up wearing appropriate clothing and change later without feeling odd having to walk up a street in their party attire.

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Sexy Lingerie Parties Information

by admin on May.09, 2011, under Adult Parties, Sex Toy Parties

Hosting sexy lingerie parties is a great way to have fun and get some new sexy attire for the bedroom. Lingerie parties are becoming popular among all walks of life, and aren’t just for strippers and swingers. If you are interested in having a party that is both fun and steamy, here are a few pointers.

Find a Hostess

Most lingerie parties are hosted by someone who works for a party company, ideally they will be outgoing and be able to engage people in swingers talk, it also helps if they are sexy . If you can find one locally you won’t need to pay the money up front to order everything. Typically you will also get some kind of free gift or credit for allowing them to have the party at your place. You can look in the phone book or a local paper for adult themed parties. Some are called Passion Parties, and some are just listed as Adult or Lingerie parties.


When you send the invites out be sure you are clear about the type of party you are having. You don’t want guests showing up unprepared and uncomfortable. Plus if people know ahead of time they are more likely to bring their checkbooks. Some women will be comfortable modeling the lingerie for fun, and others won’t, so just allow the people who show up to do whatever makes them comfortable.

Party Favours

You want to incorporate some fun games in to the event. This is going to make it feel more like a party and it will be more enjoyable for everyone. The games don’t have to be intense, just some simple and fun games. You should also have finger foods and beverages available.

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How to Plan a Novelty Adult Party

by admin on Apr.26, 2011, under Adult Parties

Planning an adult novelty party is fun, but it does take some consideration. The parties have the advantage of being fun and informative at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase adult novelties but hate the idea of going in to a store which can be potentially embarrassing, a party may be a better option. Here’s how you can plan one and make it a success.

Know Who to Invite

These parties can get a little on the wild side. Conversation is very open, products can be tested and sampled, and girls can get chatty. With this in mind, be sure you aren’t inviting anyone who is overly conservative or may become uncomfortable with the topics and products. Many adult novelty party consultants will plan a party to your specifications as well, so you if you do invite people who may not be comfortable with wild products you can keep them tame.

Know What to Expect

You should be sure your guests know what type of party this will be. This will allow them to come prepared with their checkbooks. It’s a good idea to have some ice breaker activities before the novelty party actually starts. A bottle of wine or some cocktails will also help to loosen the mood and allow everyone to have a good time. No one will be expected to do anything crazy, and while some products can be tested and sampled, nothing kinky will go on.

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How to Hire a Sexy Rep

by admin on Mar.03, 2011, under Adult Parties, General

A sexy rep can increase your business and make your male clients feel more comfortable when they visit your office. It can be tricky to hire a sexy woman for this though, as many laws exist preventing you from discrimination. If you want to hire someone sexy for the front part of your office, you’ll need to be creative about it. Here are some tips.

Don’t Be Obvious

You still need to take resumes and conduct interviews, even with people you don’t find sexy. This will allow you to fill the position without risking being accused of discrimination. Make sure you are interviewing men and women too.

Use the Second Interview

If you have a woman who you think is sexy come in and apply for the rep position, you can always call them in for a second interview if you haven’t made up your mind. This gives you a chance to come up with additional questions and decide if they are right for the position.

Experience Matters

Yes, having someone sexy at the front desk is going to be nice, but if you can’t rely on them to do the work required it’s pointless. You will be able to find someone who is genuinely qualified and attractive if you keep the position open for long enough. Don’t settle on the first woman you think is attractive. This could just lead to needing to fire her or hiring someone else to pick up the slack if they don’t have the necessary experience.

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Exclusive Adult Novelty Home Party Plans

by admin on Feb.19, 2011, under Adult Parties

Planning an adult novelty party is a lot of fun. It will also create a memorable party experience. If you are considering having one of these home parties, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Planning the Guest List

You want to be cautious of who you invite to a novelty party. Since there will be sex toys and other kinky items on display, people who are very conservative may not feel comfortable. It’s a good idea to avoid inviting your local church congregation, and stick with people you know are going to be open minded and not uncomfortable.

Type of Party

When you start trying to plan an adult novelty party, you will have several options for the type of party. You can make it mild or wild, depending on your tastes and the guest lists. Most adult party planners will have a product catalogue that you can look through before the event so you can decide what is and what isn’t acceptable. Remember that part of the party is usually a demonstration, so novelties that require batteries will be powered and turned on and passed around. While this can be great fun for most, it can be very uncomfortable for many as well.

Food and Games

It is a party, so be sure you plan some activities that aren’t centered on the novelties. You can find fun adult games at any adult store. Finger foods are best for these types of parties, although a sit down meal is also acceptable if that’s what you prefer.

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Types of Adult Toys To Spice Up Your Bedroom Activities

by admin on Jan.07, 2011, under General, Sex Toy Parties

There are plenty of toys that can be easily incorporated in the bedroom to spice up the activities. You don’t have to get anything frightening or bizarre, and you can find toys for people of all comfort levels. Here are just a few types of toys that are popular and fun for intimate use.


A vibrator will provide enjoyment for both men and women. You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes, and even find small pocket sized vibrators for those that are new to toys.  A vibrator is a tame and mild toy that doesn’t have to be intimidating, and they can be used on both sexes and still provide pleasure.

Anal toys

Small anal beads or plugs can provide intense pleasure for both men and women. When used correctly they aren’t painful. The idea of anal play does scare a lot of people, so you could start with a small fingertip massager. This will open both parties up to the idea and make it more comfortable.

Blindfolds and Games

If you aren’t looking to add anything serious to the bedroom activity, a sexy adult game, such as dice, can be the extra spice you need. Adding some blindfolds in can be another way to intensify sex without getting too heavily involved in toys. These games and light BDSM gear like blindfolds can be found at any adult store or ordered online.

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