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Hosting Adult Parties Advice

by admin on Jun.10, 2011, under Adult Parties

Hosting adult parties can be great fun. It will provide a place for consenting, open minded adults to get together and play in a safe environment. Being the host will require some extra work on your part, but the end result will be a great party. Here are a few things to consider.

Plan the Layout

If you want to allow adult activities in some areas, and have safe clothing required areas in others, you need to have these clearly marked. Also think of the comfort of the guests. The playrooms should be close to restrooms to allow for easy clean up. It’s also a good idea to have a designated smoking area for those who smoke. If you don’t allow smoking inside, clearly state this before the party. Create a comfortable place outside that is private for those who want to step out.

Cover Amenities

It’s a good idea to have clean towels and washcloths in every room. In the playrooms it’s also a good idea to have a sampling of lubes and condoms available. A hamper placed just at the doors will allow your guests a place to drop towels and robes after they’ve been used. Consider having a small basket in the bathrooms with small sample sized soaps and lotions for use in and after showers.


Parking is an often overlooked issue with adult parties. You need to be sure you have enough room for several cars. If the parking must be on the street, let guests know this beforehand. This way they can show up wearing appropriate clothing and change later without feeling odd having to walk up a street in their party attire.

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