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Exclusive Adult Novelty Home Party Plans

by admin on Feb.19, 2011, under Adult Parties

Planning an adult novelty party is a lot of fun. It will also create a memorable party experience. If you are considering having one of these home parties, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Planning the Guest List

You want to be cautious of who you invite to a novelty party. Since there will be sex toys and other kinky items on display, people who are very conservative may not feel comfortable. It’s a good idea to avoid inviting your local church congregation, and stick with people you know are going to be open minded and not uncomfortable.

Type of Party

When you start trying to plan an adult novelty party, you will have several options for the type of party. You can make it mild or wild, depending on your tastes and the guest lists. Most adult party planners will have a product catalogue that you can look through before the event so you can decide what is and what isn’t acceptable. Remember that part of the party is usually a demonstration, so novelties that require batteries will be powered and turned on and passed around. While this can be great fun for most, it can be very uncomfortable for many as well.

Food and Games

It is a party, so be sure you plan some activities that aren’t centered on the novelties. You can find fun adult games at any adult store. Finger foods are best for these types of parties, although a sit down meal is also acceptable if that’s what you prefer.

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